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I just returned from having a massage by Peter Black whose “listening hands” could not have found and treated my problem areas more expertly and effectively. As someone who gets massages on a fairly regular basis, I don’t often write reviews. Most massages are pleasant enough, but few compel me to recommend the therapist to others. However, Peter stands out. He is absolutely fantastic.

He used to work at the Four Seasons Resort, an environment from which he adopted a multitude of luxurious spa touches, such as rubbing your hands and feet with a warm, damp cloth prior to the massage (feels so nice…). He makes sure you are the most comfortable you can be, and besides soothing music, he also plays a recording of Hawaiian surf in the treatment room.

But while these extras are wonderful, Peter’s real gift lies in how he applies his keen knowledge of anatomy to your body. He quickly diagnoses what your body needs and focuses his attention and skill on improving those areas that are crying for help. As soft-spoken as he is, you might be surprised at the strength of Peter’s hands and healing energy. I usually have to ask for more pressure in deep-tissue massages, but Peter’s “medium” felt just right. He used some movements and techniques on me that I had never before experienced, and he worked on spots that no one else had ever identified as problematic (but they were…).

The result: I felt amazing afterwards. And I wished that instead of the one hour, I had booked 90 minutes. It is unfortunate that I live far away and am here only on vacation, because if Peter were closer, I would schedule all my massages with him. Go book your next massage with him: you won’t be disappointed.

… Isabelle R.

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I just received an hour and a half of Thai massage from Peter and he was absolutely wonderful! His nurturing touch, combined with his ability to listen to what my body needed made the experience delightful and invigorating. In the past, I usually came out of the treatment feeling sleepy and exhausted. My experience with Peter left me with a fresh and revived sensation. If I had more time on the island, I would go back again. It definitely was one of the highlights of my visit to Maui. I cannot wait to come back for more!

… J. A.

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Thanks for a great massage today Peter! I feel so much better!!

… PGMc

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Very good masseur!! Takes out all the kinks. Relaxing to a point, I tend to fall asleep. Peter’s very professional. 5 STARS!

… K.K.

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I have had chronic pain for years. I always have relief for days after a massage with Peter.  I am always as my best when I come once a week. Thank you Peter, for taking care of me and making me always feel better.  Looking forward to our next meeting!



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