Make (or cancel) an Appointment

As of June, 2015 my business hours are slightly changing: I am expanding Tuesday hours; Tuesday will now be 10:00 to 5:00pm. I will not be in my office most Fridays due to couples who are receiving weekly house calls.

To book an appointment, you can:
1. call or text my direct phone number (808) 280-6470. Please do not call office number for massage info, appointments or cancellations.
2. book and cancel online – click on the link at the very bottom of this page, where it says “Click here to open direct scheduling page” in BLUE. It will take you to my appointment website which I update at least once a day. Once you make your appointment you are 100% confirmed. There is no need to wait for a confirmation from Peter. In very rare cases Peter may contact you only if there is a double booking that “fell through the cracks.” Please cancel One Business Day or more before your appointments… much appreciated!

Please enter your email address and your cell phone number when signing in for the online booking site, as that way the website can send you reminders of your appointment – usually 12-24 hours before.
People will sometimes cancel (hopefully with 24 hours notice) so if you want to be on a waiting list for a particular time and day, just let me know. My office hours are M, W, Th 9:00-6:00; Tu, Fri 9:00-1:00 – more or less 🙂

If you want to register on (the appointment website) in order to make an appointment, and it tells you that your email etc is “already taken” or something like that, it just means you must RE-SET YOUR PASSWORD which you have not set yet… This happens because I have already entered your email in order for you to get the reminder notifications…

I truly look forward to hearing from you!!

Here’s the online appointment booking link:

Feel free to book your appointment online thru this service.


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