What should I wear?

What should I wear to my massage?

The main consideration is that you want to be comfortable and relaxed – no matter what you choose. A good massage therapist can work around just about anything you choose and still provide you a great massage, so choose a level of dress or undress that will allow you to relax and be comfortable.

The other thing to remember is that a professional massage therapist will keep you covered – or draped – in a professional, modest manner, making sure your privacy is respected at all times as he uncovers one leg or arm or your back, etc to work on that area. Or, you may have a traditional Shiatsu or Thai massage where you wear loose, comfortable clothing, as no oil is used at all.

How much you leave on or take off, also depends on what kind of massage you are having. If you are having a traditional Swedish or Lomilomi massage using oil or lotion then you will be covered at all times by a sheet and perhaps, on top of the sheet, a towel or blanket…, then, when your body is under the sheet or drape, you, like many people may wish to leave on your underwear bottoms, a bra or, take off everything as you are covered or draped professionally and no private areas of any kind are ever exposed.

The advantage to taking off all your clothes for a massage using oil or lotion, is that you are never concerned about the oil getting on your nice underwear, and you are dressed to your comfort level.

The advantage of taking off all your clothes and undergarments for a massage and just being covered by the top (thicker) sheet, is that you get more “flow” in your massage; the therapist’s strokes are more fluid as they never have to be broken up to cross over bra straps or the edge of undergarments way when working on the hip/pelvis area. But, please remember, you can get a GREAT massage no matter what you leave on or take off!

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