Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is one of the most important massages I perform and, one of my specialties.

In the first trimester, before you are “showing” you can usually recieve your massage in the usual face-down, face-up method; observing all the precautions for pregnant women of course such as not using deep pressure in certain areas, avoiding use of certain aromatherpies, etc…

I usually perform Pregnancy Massage “side-lying” after the first trimester… or when the size of the expectant mother requires it. This is done in three parts: first lying on the left side, and working on the neck, back, shoulders and back of legs; then turn to the right side and repeating – neck, back, shoulders and back of legs; then face up for a short time for front of neck, arms/hands, and front of legs and feet. All the major issues of a pregnant woman are addressed – low back, pelvis, mid and upper back, neck, shoulders, etc etc… Whatever you need!!


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