What is the Cancellation Policy?

What is your cancellation policy?

This is a very difficult question here on Maui.

My landlord’s rent bill, electric bill, insurance bill etc. are a constant, and therefore, my goal to myself and my family is to try and keep as reliable a work schedule as I can so that I have the financial resources to take care of my responsibilities to them all. In order to do that I must be able to count on my patients/clients making and keeping their appointments with the courtesy of at least 24 hours (one full day’s) notice if you need to cancel so that I can fill that spot if you can’t come and keep my business and finances healthy just like our bodies.

For some patients/clients, their lives are so complex – unpredictable children’s lives, unpredictable work schedules, unpredictable aging parents, a million and one responsibilities, many unknowns, it is almost impossible to know if the appointment you make today for next week is really possible. For people with these kind of very unpredictable schedules, the best for both of us if you can call me the day or two before you want a massage, when you really know your schedule, and we make your appointment.

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