Massage Techniques

My goal is to give you the absolute best massage ever, every time!! I do MANY techniques and styles very well after 21 years of full time massage. I really do love them and “specialize in” them all.

I have a variety of techniques at my “fingertips” :-). Below are the most requested styles of massage, and many times they are used in combinations… for example, we can do deep tissue, throw in some Thai Stretches and do some soothing work with Lomilomi…

I will add to this list more techniques that I perform and their explanations later…

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

This style of massage while often incorporating the whole body, often will also focus on specific areas using more specific techniques for those particular areas.

Shiatsu – Non-oil massageĀ 

Shiatsu, literally meaning “finger pressure” is traditionally performed on a person wearing loose, comfy clothing. The pressure of not only fingers, but also palms, thumbs, fore arms, etc can be deep and therapeutic or medium to light and more relaxing.

Thai Massage – non-oil massage

A traditional massage performed on a mat on the floor

Lomilomi Massage

Traditional Hawaiian massage using oil or lotion featuring lots of long, graceful, relaxing movements, quite often utilizing the soft part of the fore arm, palms etc.

Swedish Relaxation massageĀ 

A traditional massage using oil or lotion

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