Can you recommend exercises, stretches and diet changes?

Yes, all of the above! Health has been my passion, my hobby – what I read and research every day. Plus, I have worked with many, many health-passionate professionals and have picked up many great “tips” which have helped me and my massage clients and patients.

If you have problems in your shoulders, knees, low back, neck – any joint – etc, I can offer you a variety of stretches and exercises which have helped me and those I work on. I can also refer you to a top-notch Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, etc.

Diet? Yes, I have found making simple, practical, “do-able” diet changes – such as drinking iced green tea with jasmine and stevia sweetener to replace diet colas has made me feel much better, many years ago, thankfully. And we can go much, much deeper into this subject if you want to. As one who can “gain weight listening to dinner music” I have also learned many tips which make losing and maintaining healthy weight much more¬†achievable.

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